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After a hard week at work, there is nothing better than heading out to my favourite bar with my favourite girlfriends. We are not big drinkers, but we like to have a special cocktail at the end of the week to celebrate getting this far! Our best local bar has a range of fancy cocktails that are made with exotic ingredients that we just love. We like to try new drinks and guess what the mystery items are in each cocktail. If you are also a fan of mixed alcoholic drinks and trying new things, then you'll love this blog.

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Wine Impressions | 3 Clever Strategies To Attract Aficionados to Your Restaurant
28 September 2016

Just because you serve gourmet burgers doesn't mea

Wine Impressions | 3 Clever Strategies To Attract Aficionados to Your Restaurant

Just because you serve gourmet burgers doesn't mean that your patrons won't enjoy some well-paired wine, especially aficionados who love a glass with every meal. Working with a wine supplier to assemble a great wine list will ensure that you attract more customers to your gourmet burger restaurant, so follow these clever strategies.

Find A Way To Cater To Different Wine-Spending Budgets

Different patrons have different spending habits. So, if you're looking to sell wine along with your meals, then make sure you find a way to cater to these different budgets. For instance, a large glass of wine on an average can cost anywhere from $7 to $9. But some wines can go even upwards of that based on their quality and age. Make sure you work with your wine supplier to build a list that is able to meet the budgetary needs of all your restaurant patrons.

Offer A Recommended Wine List Based On Food Pairings

If you're looking to create a more personalised feel for your gourmet burger restaurant, consider offering a recommended wine list to pair with the different burgers you offer. For example, if you're serving a Brazilian-inspired beef burger, consider adding some Brazilian wines to your list. If you have a burger inspired with marinara sauce, you'll want to pair it with some recommended Italian wine choices. If your burger is a classic patty with BLT toppings, consider some wines inspired from regions across Australia. While this is a good way to engage in conversations with your customers, keep in mind that you should never enforce your choices on them. Ultimately, the decision of what wine to choose will always depend on your customers.

Include Both Familiar And Less-Known Gems To Expand Your Offering

Some wines are familiar to most patrons, making it easy to choose them when ordering food. But keep in mind that there's also another set of patrons who may want to try something new, so be sure to stock less-known gems in your restaurant's wine repertoire. You should also ensure that the wines are explicitly described to nudge your patrons in the direction they desire. For instance, wines with fruity flavours pair well with roast pork burgers, while drier wines may be better suited to juicy beefsteak burgers. Be sure to explain the flavours, so that your patrons can decide for themselves what kind of wine they want with their meals.

Follow these smart strategies when working with your wine supplier to attract aficionados with an exciting repertoire of wines for your gourmet burger restaurant.